Tips On Bathroom Renovations

If you are planning on spending money for bathroom renovations soon, you could consider making one or all of the essential changes below to enhance the functionality, look, comfort and storage in your bathroom.

Only Install a Tub if You Take Baths

There are too many individuals who include a tub to their bathroom only because they feel obligated to do so. However, a bath tub is not always a requirement, particularly if you never take a bath. While there are a number of real estate professionals who maintain that a bathroom with a tub provides greater appeal to potential home buyers than a space with just a shower, for buyers today, this is much less true than it was in the past.

The most important concern should be how the space is going to be used for the next few years. If you enjoy luxuriating in baths, then, by all means, a tub should be included in the renovation project. However, if you rarely or never take a bath, installing a large shower could be a much better approach. Indeed, a bathtub is typically more appealing to future buyers with small children; however, if another family bathroom with a bath tub or shower/tub combination is in your house, there is absolutely no reason your master bathroom has to include a bathtub instead of a big luxurious shower.

Hidden-Tank, Low-Flow Toilet

There are a number of benefits to gain from toilets with hidden tanks. With these units, the storage vessel that houses the water is mounted inside the wall. They are well worth the consideration if you are renovating a bathroom, particularly a smaller one that could benefit from a space-saving design. Hidden-tank toilets are designed to save precious space and its low-flow feature assist in saving water each time you flush. It is a smart option that boosts the value of your property after the renovation.

Make Sure a Window is in the Shower

Among the biggest adversaries of a clean space is the humidity that remains trapped in the bathroom because of inadequate or bad ventilation. Even though a good bathroom fan has the capacity to make a huge difference, natural ventilation will always be the best type of air circulation.

Having a window installed in your shower will assist in keeping the bathroom clean, fresh and free of mildew and mold. This source of natural ventilation is quite effective, particularly if the bathroom door is left open after being used. Additionally, a window benefits a shower by allowing natural light to enter the space, which is both a safety and aesthetic advantage.

Use Lighting to Enhance the Space

Many bathrooms have very little access to natural light and as such, need exceptional lighting. As you plan bathroom renovations, consider adding to or changing your existing lighting to enhance the mood and functionality of the space.

The most essential lighting change should be adding a dimmer to the main lights. Those who enjoy taking baths are aware that it is hard to have a relaxing bath in full artificial lighting. A dimmer will allow you set the right atmosphere.

Adding recessed fixtures around your mirror will provide you with the best possible lighting when shaving, doing your hair, applying makeup or taking on any other task that needs an abundance of light. Additionally, you could think about adding lighting inside the shower instead of around it. You might be pleasantly surprised to find how much safer and more pleasant your shower is when it is properly lit.